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Writing A Eulogy For A Family Member Or Friend

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Speaking at a funeral can be a challenging task. A close friend or family member will usually fulfil this role in memory of a loved one. It can feel like a lot of pressure to create a speech that perfectly captures the personality and life of the deceased. If you’re feeling a little stuck about how to write your speech, read on to find out what you can speak about and how to write a fitting eulogy.


The majority of a eulogy at a funeral will be based around memories that you shared with your loved one. Eulogies don’t have to be sad or formal, and you can share funny stories if you see fit. Think about all the moments you shared with each other and write them down. This could be a happy memory, proud, funny or even challenging. This will help to visualise what you can talk about and prioritise only the best stories that help to eulogise a person.

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Personality Traits

Another great starting point for a eulogy at a funeral is to think about any personality traits or characteristics your loved one had. This can be a great basis for an anecdote. Were they funny and always made everybody laugh? Were they the life and soul of every party? Think about what made them special and unique.

Hobbies & Interests

Talking about hobbies and interests of a loved one at a funeral is also a great section to have in a eulogy. It helps to show their personality and what they got up to daily. Did they have a favourite football team? Were they passionate about a charity? Did they enjoy crafts, sports, the outdoors or socialising? If they were passionate about their job, putting it in the eulogy is a great idea too.

If they didn’t have any obvious hobbies or interests, think about when they were most happy. Was this spending time with friends or family? Was it the more simple pleasures in life that bought them the most happiness? These are good starting points to base a eulogy around.

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Eulogy Template For A Funeral

Now we’ve been over some ideas of how to get started, here’s a rough template of what you could include in the eulogy.

  • Introduce yourself and thank attendees
  • What the deceased meant to you
  • Your fondest memory of them
  • What they bought to other people’s lives
  • Their hobbies or interests
  • A funny anecdote
  • Finish with a poem or song that they loved


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