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Who to Tell When Someone Dies?

When a person dies, you must tell relevant people and authorities that the death has occurred. It is important that these people are notified within a timely manner to ensure the matter is dealt with efficiently. Our guide below lists the people that need to be notified. Knowing who to tell can save further distress at this difficult time.

Funeral Cars

The arrangement of funeral cars can help relieve stress on the day of the funeral ceremony. Our chauffeur driven limousines will arrive at a pre-arranged time and transport you to the service. This means that you will not need to worry about transport on the day. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind knowing you will arrive on time and will not have to worry about parking arrangements.



A hearse is a traditional vehicle used for transporting the deceased to the funeral service and place of burial or cremation. It is possible to decorate the hearse with funeral wreaths and flowers. We can assist in the arrangement of these.


Our funeral cars are modern and fully air-conditioned limousines. Each limousine can seat up to 7 mourners. If you require more than one limousine this can be arranged. We will discuss your needs at the funeral planning meeting.

Motorcycle Hearse

As an alternative to a traditional hearse, we also offer a motorcycle hearse. This method of transport is the perfect option for those wishing the final journey of a loved one to reflect their personality.

Horse & Cart

For a traditional funeral procession, we also have a horse and cart available. There is a choice or white or black horses, and you can opt for either two, four or six.

Planning a Funeral Procession

It is possible to plan a special route for the funeral procession to follow. Many people take comfort in the knowledge that the procession will pass specific locations or landmarks treasured by their loved one.

If you would like to arrange a particular funeral procession route, then please let us know in the funeral planning meeting. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.

Contact Richards Funeral Services

To discuss our fleet vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01685 878121. Our helpful team can explain all the options and help you chose the best transportation for your needs.

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