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Chapel of Rest room

Is It A Good Idea To Visit Someone In The Chapel Of Rest?

The chapel of rest is located in a funeral home and is a place where family and close friends can visit their loved one before a funeral. In most cases, the coffin is placed in a peaceful, private room. At our funeral home, our chapel of rest can also accommodate a funeral service for up to 60 mourners if you choose to have the ceremony there.

Visting the departed in this setting is a personal choice, and it is totally okay to not partake in this if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. There is no right answer here as many people find this decision hard. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to visit your loved one.

Final Goodbyes

Visiting the chapel of rest allows time for any final goodbyes. The private room means you get some informal time with a loved one. If you choose to go in on your own, you can say everything you would like to say before they are laid to rest or cremated. If you didn’t have chance to say a proper goodbye, this is a great time to have some time with your loved one.

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Provides A Time For Reflection & Connection

Visting your loved one in the chapel of rest is a peaceful experience. As it gives a time to say your final goodbyes on a more personal level, it also gives time for reflection and connection. Before a funeral service, it gives you the opportunity to consider memories in your own time and without an audience.

Aiding The Grieving Process

A lot of the time these moments with the departed will help with the grieving process. Whilst it is incredibly difficult, many people believe that this can help them come to terms with what has happened. Every situation and person will feel differently, but it could provide some comfort as this will be one of the final times to be in such close proximity to your loved one.

Some people may choose not to partake in this experience, especially if they wish to hold onto their very last memories with their loved one. Both decisions are equally valid and it is a personally choice whether you choose to visit the chapel of rest or not.

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