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Important Information About Purchasing a Funeral Plan

Before purchasing a funeral plan from any provider, we advise that you become familiar with the important information that may affect your chosen plan.

Securing a Specific Funeral Director

Securing a specific funeral director to carry out your funeral arrangements may not always be guaranteed unless you have it in writing at the time of purchase. If you are considering purchasing a plan and wish for Richards Funeral Services to be your chosen funeral director, you must purchase the plan through us. Buying a plan through a third party may not guarantee our services.

Our plans are provided by Golden Charter and because they are Independent Way Plans purchased through us, they will secure our services.

Where is Your Money Held?

All plans purchased through us are provided by Golden Charter. All funds paid towards your plan are held in Trust. The Trust Company is a separate entity that protects your investment. The Trust Company will deduct their fee from the balance when the funeral plan is used.

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Ensuring your Wishes Are Fulfilled

Only plans purchased through us will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. When we arrange the funeral plan with you, we will document all requests. The fee paid will reflect your wishes and be enough to cover our costs. You can pay for the plan either in one lump sum or over an instalment payment plan.

Please be aware that purchasing a plan through a third party provider may not guarantee that all your wishes are fulfilled. This could be for various reasons. For example, the potential that the monies paid to their plan are not enough to cover our fees.

Research Before You Buy

There are many funeral plan providers offering a range of different packages. You may receive leaflets through the post or see advertisements on the internet or TV offering unbelievably low prices. We advise you to research any company carefully to avoid buying into a scheme which is not genuine. Many companies operate with integrity, but unfortunately, there are some business operating that will not meet their promises.

If the cost of a plan is very low, then the final fund may not be enough to cover the cost of the funeral. In this event, it is likely that your family would be asked to pay the balance. If the low cost appears too good to be true, you must question how they can deliver a plan if it is cheaper than today’s average prices.

Furthermore, very cheap plans are likely not to allow you to specify particular requests or assure the services of a specific funeral director.

To Secure Our Services Ensure You Buy the Plan Through Us

Tailor-made funeral plans delivered by Richards Funeral Services are only guaranteed if you purchase directly through us. To discuss the options or ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01685 878121.

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